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hala_bonitas's Journal

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Serious talk, utter nonsense and general stanning of Real Madrid CF
A new community for Real Madrid. We are open to all but very much so under construction.

please be patience some help is going on

Mods needed. I'm trying to pick a variety and not just my twitter circle. If you are interested click here.

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The Rule Type Shit:

#1 ~ Use cuts and tags and give credit where credit is due. Don't post anything massive above a cut. You know the basics.

#2 ~ Copy paste posts are evil and suck donkey balls. Don't copy paste then add a line or a question and call it all new. That is like putting a bandaid on a gapping head wound. Quote a bit, not the whole thing, link to the source then have an opinion or at least half a reason for posting. Even if that reason is just for the hell of it.

#3 ~ We love new posts. Everyone can post whenever they want and whatever they want as long as it is Real Madrid relevant. A tenuous connection is just fine. However if one person is dominating the posts their posting privileges will be discussed by the mods.

#4 ~ Do we need more? Oh yeah, if you are going to be a bitch at least make sure you know the person you are being a bitch to.

#5 ~ Any issues contact a mod or several. We are here to help.

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2012/2013 SCHEDULE:
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